RIP Nelson Mandela

Hugely Sad to hear the news of Nelson Mandela (Madiba) passing. The world has lost one of the Greatest Political Leader/Statesman of our times.

The humble but focussed man touched many hearts through his work for the oppressed and fight for equality. Once labelled as a “Traitor” & “Terrorist” by many in the west including a young David Cameron & his tory party, the CIA played an important role in the arrest in 1962. He had to spend 27years in prison, that’s more time than I’ve been alive, but when he was released & had the power, he took revenge by forgiving those who severely wrong him! What an Inspirational Legend, Icon, Hero, Peacemaker, Righteous Statesman and Teacher…

He never gave up/quit his struggle to fight for his people & ideals; to make the world a better/fairer place. A huge admiration for a Wise, Strong and Formidable man, who is finally free & I hope he Rests In Peace. His Legacy lives on…

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Super typhoon slams into Philippines

As many as 10,000 people are believed dead in one Philippine city alone after one of the worst storms ever recorded unleashed ferocious winds and giant waves that washed away homes and schools. Corpses hung from tree branches and were scattered along sidewalks and among flattened buildings, while looters raided grocery stores and gas stations in search of food, fuel and water.

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Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai, an inspiration? no doubt.

I have admiration for the girl and what she’s gone through however she’s no exception to the rule, there are Millions of other girls in Pakistan and around the world who fight for a right to education. Whilst I have no problem with Malala and what she believes in, I do have a problem with the media agencies using her as a tool, Pride of Britain award, Nobel peace prize, and such is the hypocrisy in western Politics that they are pasting Malala all over their news channels and drumming on about Women and Education and how bad Pakistan is, when they have one of the most educated woman, Aafia Siddiqui, in the World locked up in a prison in New York, for no real reason. Do your research!

Furthermore they are dropping drones daily and killing innocent men, women and children. They say the best way to reach Peace is through dialogue when it comes to internal affairs, and then they detain the commander of Taliban in Pakistan who was going to be crucial in arranging dialogue with the Talibans in Afghanistan. So when it comes to the IRA and other “terrorist” organisations in your own country, you want dialogue, and when it comes to those idiots across the border, just bomb them. Oh & lets give the guy who’s in-charge a Nobel Peace Prize while we’re at it.


If you were to find yourself miles below the surface of the ocean, you might be convinced that aliens are indeed real. 

Wired rounds up the most otherworldly creatures around, and they’re all from the deep sea.

The Most Otherworldly Animals on Earth

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Ramadan Kareem : Ramadan Mubarak

Ramadan Mubarak To All My Muslim Brothers & Sisters: I Hope That We Are Able To Attain Maximum Benefits Out Of This Month Thus Increasing Our Knowledge, Understanding & Sincerity; Amn. The Days Are Long So There Will Be Times Where It May Feel Difficult, If You Get That Feeling Remember, There Are A lot More People Who Have It A lot More Difficult; Not Just In Ramadan But All Of The Time, So Be Constantly Grateful & Have A Peaceful & Blessed One!


The NEWS Is An ABSOLUTE JOKE! 1st They Drill A Made Up Word Into Peoples Head: Islamist (=Islam + Terrorist). Every time You Read That Word Or Hear It It Gives You The Connotations Of Violence. Be Watchful Of How Your Brain Is Getting Washed All Over By The Idiots Who Wouldn’t Piss On You If You Were On Fire! 

2ndly; A Perfectly Fine, Elected President Of Egypt Gets Dethrone By The Military, Because His Party Is Called; Muslim Brotherhood Who Are Apparently “Islamist”. Yes There Were Demonstrations Against Him, BUT You Have To Remember Egypt’s Army Gets Massive Funding From The US, Who Don’t Like Muslim Brotherhood, Because Israel Doesn’t Like Muslim Brotherhood, So Don’t Get Confused & Think This Is About “The People”! Speaking Of The US; Obama Won The 2012 Elections With 50.8Percent Of The Vote, If Tomorrow The Remaining 48Percent Start Protesting Is The Military Going To Arrest Him? WTF! This Democracy Bullshit Doesn’t Work, Because People In The Middle East Follow Tribes, Every Time A Leader From 1 Tribe Wins The Election, The Other Tribe Will Protest: All That Time The Only Thing You Have Achieved Is Fighting Amongst Each Other, Unnecessary People Getting Killed & The Country/Economy Which Goes No Where!    

Birmingham Mosque

“There Is No Evidence or Intelligence To Suggest It Is An Act Of Terrorism” - So A Bomb Left Outside A Mosque, Designed Only To Cause Terror By Causing Multiple Deaths / Injuries Is NOT A Terrorist Act, It’s A “Major” Hate Crime… But Lets Call In The Counter Terror Team To Clean Up & Investigate…  

I’m Confused, Have They Changed The Meaning Of Terror? What Evidence / Intelligence Is Required..? If Anything, Looking At The Past; According To The News/Government, 2 Men Killing Another Man With Different Beliefs Is NOT A Hate Crime, It’s A Terrorist Attack! This Has More “Terrorist” Traits, Then The Recent London Incident! And Why Hasn’t This Been Bigger News?

The News WONT Tell You This:

It doesn’t matter if you’re White, Black or Brown, Christian, Jewish or Muslim, If You Preach Hate Against Another, You’re A Hate Preacher And JUST As Bad As The People You Point Fingers At; If You have Extreme Views, You’re An Extremist and If You Set Out To Terrorise People, You’re A Terrorist… None Of This Only Muslims Are Terrorists, Extremists, And Hate Preachers.

Woolwich Attack

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… It’s shocking how 1 mans Murder, although a extremely Sad thing to happen, can cause so much havoc, fear and Hate: Definitely caused by the way its been reported by the News and the way the politicians have reacted with all this Cobra meeting Bullshit: William Hague saying he has received condolences from other Arab nations? I mean who the Fck are you kidding? You really think the countries are going to send condolences for a Murder? How many condolences do you send where your foreign policy is killing 100s? It’s all a big wash, Brain Wash!

If the people want to make it about race, an indian student got murdered by white guys whilst waiting for a bus outside Salford Uni & COUNTLESS more examples of Crazy shit that happens weekly on our streets; 75yr Old asian man who was attacked with a machete in Birmingham by young white guys earlier in the year? OR What about the Sick man who’s just been sentenced for a raping and murdering a young girl? The point is these sick people exist and do sick things. But at no fault of the religion or the remaining majority. Yesterday a Brutal Murder was committed: Not a Terrorist Attack, people need to calm down with the Hate and get on with their own lives! 

EDL members, shouting they want to protect Britain, whilst attacking their own police force & innocent people. One of them was asked ‘who are you trying to protect Britain from’, he answers ‘from the Burqa wearing terrorists’ whilst wearing a Balaclava with a massive EDL logo on it. D!CKHD!

Think about it… you are just as bad as those extremists you point fingers at, as your views are of an Extreme Nature thus also making you an Extremist. Why don’t you learn “your” own language which you love so dearly first before you tell immigrants to learn it, I mean can you even comprehend what I’m saying?!     

Woolwich Attack

I am absolutely LOVING every single NON-Muslim who can see sense & realises the facts, unfortunately not told by The News. I want to shake your hand & tell you that you are the ‘Great’ in Great Britain. 

Woolwich Attack

I cannot believe there are people who I went to School & college with saying they are going to attack Mosques/ Muslims to get revenge? Are You Serious? What will it achieve? And revenge from who? Innocent people who had nothing to do with this?? That Is SHOCKING! It’s got NOTHING to do with those people who you want to hurt! We Need Peace & Unity in times like this, NOT Hate.

Earlier in the year, A spanish Christian man beheaded a British woman because he thought he was Jesus, It never made the news and he deffo wasn’t labelled as Christian Terrorist: 

Another 75yr Old Muslim man was murdered on his way home, again NO NEWS HEADLINE! 

But two Animals attacked an innocent man and murdered him and the BBC & Other news channels headline it as a Muslim Terrorist attack on the UK! And the whole of social media is going ape shit! The News channels definitely needs to check how it reports shit. The News is far too powerful, especially now as more and more people are out of work, nor in education, getting extremely frustrated and believe anything they are told.

Those two lads were worse than Animals, not Muslims?
If people start to attack a number of innocent Muslims to get so called revenge for One Innocent mans Murder, who will be responsible? The Two Sick Bstrds who attacked him, or The News who has injected so much hate towards a religion through reckless and inaccurate reporting which never achieves anything, apart from spreading hate. 

I live in an area with my family surrounded by non muslims. I hope the situation doesn’t get worse.

London Woolwich Attack

It’s absolutely CRAZY what has happened, but it has got nothing to do with Islam… Two mentally disturbed motherF*<%€^* attacked a guy! Those guys who did this cannot be Mentally Sane & should pay for this in the worst way! 

It’s extremely sad when anyone innocent dies & my thoughts are with that guy, but the Sick Attackers are now in custody; so what’s with the Emergency “Cobra” meeting & all this terror talk on The News..? They didn’t even do that when the riots were taking place until 3 days later! 

That’s why The News are B*$t<^#s too: The News reporter claiming it’s a “Baghdad Style Attack” I bet he hasn’t even been to Baghdad. The exact motivation for the attack has not been established yet. We don’t know if the attackers were part of any group or whether they were acting alone. The Government and police are seeing this as terrorism and NOT an exceptionally nasty murder committed by two Nasty Nasty individuals, which has happened across Britain. Why do they have to say ‘Muslim man kills BRITISH solider,’ Why not ‘British man kills British solider’. Oh wait that’s right, because The News are the ones who put the differences between people in the First Place.

This has got nothing to do with Islam. Anyone with half a brain cell and any common sense would determine for themselves that they were ANIMALS who ravaged and murdered the poor innocent man in Woolwich, they were far from holy, far from religious and far from sanity. They are more likely to be manipulated hate mongers high on crack cocaine with no love, no conscience and nothing left to live for. But the News will make it about Islam, by repeating & emphasising how “Muslim” the attackers were. Yet no one has actually heard them say “God Is Great” or whatever they said. It happens so much now it’s not even discreet. The guy on BBC just said it’s not a drug related Crime, it’s a terrorist attack… WTF: Does the drug related/gang related/hate related crime not causes Terror? Clearly not, just a so called “Muslim” attack causes Terror! 

Earlier in the year a Man beliving himself to be Jesus beheaded an innocent British woman: He was not labelled as a Terrorist or a Christian Terrorist, instead he was Labelled as; A drug-addicted and mentally ill man. 

Not too long before that ago a “Christian” black guy killed another black guy on the busiest street in London in daylight on Boxing Day; “Gang Related”! A crazy “Christian” white guy goes on a Shooting Spree in a cinema in America; “Mentally Disturbed”! A white guy in Norway kills 77 people; Hate Related! A “Muslim” kills a non muslim; Terrorist & So Called “Islamist” (Is That Even A Word): By the way The News has made a new word: Islam + Terrorist/Extremist = Islamist, and it has nothing to do with Brainwashing!

If people start to attack a number of innocent Muslims to get so called revenge for One Murder of Innocent person, who will be responsible? The Two Animals who attacked him, or The News who has injected so much hate towards a religion through reckless and in accurate reporting? 

Pakistan Elections 2013

Everyone would like Politics to be Black & White, and the “Change” to come overnight. It has never been and never will be, not here in the UK, not in America, India and certainly not in Pakistan. Things will take time; There were major areas in Karachi where a lot of cheating was done by MQM and re-polling should be done in all areas where clear rigging has taken place, for the sake of the people who put fear aside and stepped out of their house. 

Situation for the country on the whole however is not as bleak as people would like to make out, there are ALOT of positives that have come out in Yesterdays election, yes PTI may not have WON but they are a going to formulate a very strong opposition, which in the History of Pakistan hasn’t really happened; and the real change has been initiated. I don’t believe Pakistan will suffer as much as it has done, specifically as much as in the last 5-8 Years in the hands of previous bogus Governments. I will keep hoping and believing! 

Optimistic See The Positives in Every Failure, Pessimistic Find The Negatives In Every Success. I’ll carry on being Optimistic. I’A

Pakistan Elections 2013

This is not a Cricket match, where when a match is lost everyone cries Fixing allegations. Due to the amount of people who voted, out of the 270 Seats even if 100 were fixed (which I very much doubt) there would still have been a majority toward PML-N. Other leaders, including members of PTI have accepted that they simply didn’t get the votes. But we “The Smart Pakistanis” sit here (overseas) and shout fixing and cheating claims. We also claim that we know what’s better for Pakistan then the Pakistani People who live there..? Are You Actually Serious? Especially people who refuse to go to Pakistan or say that it is BACKWARD, you should keep your mouth shut as you have no right to comment! 

Pakistan is a Big & Beautiful country. Just because all the kids are on Social Network, which is where we see ALL the support for Imran Khan, we think the WHOLE of the country will vote for him. Apart from Students majority of people who I have asked whilst I have been in Pakistan have always said They will vote for PML-N. The Pakistani people have made their choice and none of us have a right to shout down their rights or Intellect.

PML-N has won with a lot of Seats, that means they had the support, therefore you will still Hopefully see a Change! Infrastructure wise, PML-N have already done a fair bit of changes in Punjab. You may not have seen or noticed them if you belong to another Province. PML-N should also know that no one is safe any longer from people’s court. They have the five years they have been asking for but they will be digging themselves massive graves if they took the people for fools like PPP did. 

I believe in every word which Imran Khan has said. I trust him and know that he only has the best interest of the country. He is a visionary and I relate with his view. Therefore I am overjoyed that in its 1st Real Election, PTI has over thrown safe PPP & PML-N seats and will hold a strong opposition in National Assembly.

PTI has also totally wiped out PPP from Punjab, totally wiped out ANP from Khyber Pukhton Khua and claimed its Assembly, which is where Imran Khan will get a chance to prove his vision and make a difference, he has got his chance… (when you pass your driving test, your father who loves you dearly doesn’t give you his Big car to drive, he buys you a smaller one to learn in, and then after you show him you can drive, you get the big one! When an artist starts painting, he don’t start by painting walls, he starts by making a sketch on a smaller pad to fix out any imperfections in his style). Imran Khan has got a small canvas to draw on and if he makes a beautiful painting, have no doubt, Government will get WASHED OUT, and he will get to paint Pakistan. 

I hope those supporting PTI in this election can accept the result and work in a constructive way to build the Pakistan we all dream of. No one can build a Nation in which people’s rights are protected if their choices are ridiculed, so do not undo the good work that Imran Khan has done. I hope the leadership will remind the PTI supporters to be an example of decency as they have lost nothing. The results are still coming so I guess we’ll know for sure by tomorrow.

PTI has also started the big Change of “Voting For A Party” instead of a “Candidate.” The sort of change which makes a real difference. The slogan of Change was also shouted by Obama, we all know how much difference he has made… Slow & Steady Is Definitely The Best Way! 

Congrats To Pakistan for an Election like no other, a huge step in the right direction. Excuse the essay… 

Pakistan Elections 2013

It’s obviously sad to hear the News that Rigging/Dirty tactics are taking place across many polling stations, with PTI Blaming PML-N, who are blaming PPP, who are blaming MQM… But its more more sad if you were expecting a Completely Clean process so soon in a country that has been battered/shattered by corruption and violence for the last 40+ years. 

It’s also sad that so many people rely on the “News” for accurate information. The News exist simply to highlight the negative and bring down Morale. Yes they will mention the few positives to seem “fair” but they are simply there to spread negativity and in an indirect way plant the seeds which cause people to think; ‘why should I bother as so much “rigging” is going on,’ thus bring down the Morale. That is not the right way, so don’t constantly watch and rely on the News. The turnout today has shown that majority of people will still vote regardless. Today turnout wasn’t a 100% but its still a massive step in the right direction. 

Going back to the point, Rigging was bound to take place; before it was the minority that Ran the polling stations and Rigging however due to the lack of people turning up, they seemed like the majority. Today if everyone looks around, they will see that so many more people came out to Vote then ever have before, that is a huge positive in itself, you cannot expect that minority which has ALWAYS existed to just disappear, they are still there, using their dirty tactics/rigging but the fact that so many people voted, that minority will only get smaller, and hopefully as the country continues to progress, naturally that minority will dissolve. 

Todays election result will obviously give some corrupt parties the weight they need to continue due to the Rigging/dirty tactics however and hopefully due to the amount of people that voted there will still be that one winner, whether its PML-N or PTI, or a coalition of the two, we will surely find out. 

The last thing I’ll say is no matter how passionate you are for what you believe in, you should NEVER lose your manners, your morals and your senses by disrespecting others with your anger / words / actions. You see more these kind of things taking place by Youngsters/Unwise people. And as PTI has a lot of Young support, you see it more in their party but I have also seen it in PML-N. You represent your political party in such a off putting way… Focus! And if you stand for something good then represent yourself in a good way.